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Sensory Sky Shower by Dornbracht offers water, light and … scent

Have you ever dreamed of showering in the great outdoors? Now, turn that thinking on its head and imagine bringing nature’s best into your bathroom. Introducing Dornbracht’s Sensory Sky shower. The German company has transformed the common experience of bathing, and water in general, by taking H2O back to its source – the Earth. This awesome, nature-inspired shower lets you experience water in many forms: light rain, storm and fog, complemented by light and even scent, all controlled with an easy digital display. The customizable settings let you create your own ideal “weather” conditions through water pressure, temperature and light. Steamy tropical storm? No problem. Cool morning rain? Bring it on. However you like to wake up or unwind, Sensory Sky can deliver. Some say you can’t control the weather – but Sensory Sky is the next best thing. Check it out at Dornbracht.



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