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Sectional Storage Wall Cubit by Mymito

The sectional storage wall Cubit by Mymito celebrates its fourth birthday in color! The traditional white and black units can be now mixed and matched with fifteen new colors and with natural walnut veneer finish. One can create a pixel-like wall by mixing orange, purple, yellow and other flashy colors, go monochrome in any of the finishes or create a classy atmosphere in white-and-walnut! Your imagination is the only limit to the possibilities this patented shelving system offers. The Cubit collection consists of 25 units in 8 depths which are designed to be able to contain mostly everything from books, DVD’s, magazines and file-binders to decorative objects to shoes etc.! The clever connector and clamp system enables a simple assembly regardless if the Cubits are placed, stacked or hung. The units are made from MDF, hand-sprayed with multiple layers of quality paint or wood-veneered. Each unit can be turned by 90 degrees to suits one’s needs, thus giving even more configuration possibilities. The no-screws, no-drilling assembly has the advantage of being easily movable, so as soon as you’re bored with your current setup or if your storage and display needs change- just adapt your configuration! Go for an all-white atmosphere by simply framing an opening with Cubit modules, or create the perfect background to make a certain item stand out.


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