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Modern Rustic Fireplace by Sly Designers – the Tree Trunk fireplace

Here is a groundbreaking rustic fireplace design by Sly Designers that is also very modern. Improvised by a two-person design bureau from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, the design creates an illusion of a tree trunk. Even though it seems to be made out of wood, the fireplace is actually made out of steel. This kind of fireplace meets the requirements of traditional fireplaces, as well those for modern design. Suitable for any fashion forward interior, this fireplace is sure to bring a splash of joy in a log home or in a modern loft. To create a real fun environment, you can outfit your indoor or outdoor space with the matching Tree trunk stools and a Tree trunk liquor cabinet as well. Not an illusion of life with the modern rustic fireplace by Sly Designers (Snodevormgevers in Dutch), but a true high-end quality product. Practically an art form, these items deserve to be placed in a showroom or gallery. Contact the creators, Josef Blersch and Mander Liefting, at info @ snodevormgevers.nl or tel: Josef: +31(0)624242947 Mander: +31(0)641390063.



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