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Quirky rustic dining table decorating trends

Made for chic family gatherings and gorgeous displays rustic décor has taken a life of its own in the decorating world. Filled with weathered wood, hints of antique furnishing with just the smallest touch of modern, rustic dining rooms is one of our favorites. Not only are they one of my favorites, but they’re quite easy to put together and weave into any decorating style that you may already have. Here is a guide to quirky, rustic dining table decorating trends that are taking over the way you decorate your dining room.

Leather Accents

Regardless of how many rustic bits you add to your dining room, you want to still have unique pieces here and there that adds your special own kind of flare.

When it comes to rustic décor many may never consider leather as something they would want to incorporate or even something that would make sense in a rustic setting. However, leather is not only versatile, but it’s full of character, which means adding it in is not only a great idea, but it will make the room feel unique with just a hint of edge. Add leather in forms of seats or even as part of a chandelier to bring that classic edge.

Minimal Rustic

Keeping a simple wooden table allows you to go as wild as you please with the rest of your decor. This includes the seats you use as well as the items that are displayed above on your table.

Adding a simple wooden table is one of the best ways of having that touch of rustic. The key is bringing in quirky seats and allowing them to become the staple of the room. A simple table allows the rest of your décor to speak for itself while the seats will add just the right amount of eccentric to make you say “Hmmm, this room feels stylish and fresh in its own unique way.”

Fun Curtains

Choose a pattern that can be utilized throughout the room. Furthermore, you want to use the colors from the pattern to bring a cohesive appeal.

While we are speaking on dining table décor, it’s important to take a look at the surrounding décor and how it pertains to the way your dining table and the room is portrayed- that is where fun curtains come into play. You want to add a patterned curtain to make the room feel bright and fun while being paired with weathered wood. The idea is to have a balance throughout the room.

Grand Chandelier

Why have a chandelier with only a few fixtures? When you can have a grand chandelier with multiple light fixtures that have a unique sense to them.

When in doubt consider a grand chandelier. Chandeliers have evolved extremely throughout the years; they have gone from being minimal and only used for lighting purposes to being grand and used as a focal point in a room. Keeping that in mind, if your dining room feels a bit lackluster a chandelier is exactly what you need to brighten it up.

Grandiose Table

For that grandiose feel consider a thicker, wooden table. The thickness will bring that grand feel while the wood will keep it rustic and chic.

Your dining room is quite reliant to your dining table, it’s the main purpose of the room: therefore, you want to have a bold, statement piece that is when having a grandiose table comes into play. Adding in a table that adds a bold feature will make the room feel luxurious and quirky. Pair your table with colorful chairs or minimal stools to allow your room to come back to life.

Beach Vibes

For that beachy vibe, consider using a lighter hue of wood for your table and adding greenery around your dining room.

Even though, rustic décor is known for being soft and welcoming its not always that way sometimes rustic can feel multiple different ways depending on what you add to the room. Add multiple different hues of blue, beige, gray and even seashells around your table to bring that beach house vibe. You want to create a relaxing aura that feels eclectic yet almost as if you are on vacation every time you sit on the table.

Pine Table

When working with a pine table you want to keep your decor simple, in order to allow the pine to make a statement.

Pine is one of those materials that screams vacation, relaxation, and comfort- which is why we love the idea of having it as part of your dining table. Consider a pine dining table to add something unique without much effort or décor needed. Pair with bold chairs to create a fun contrasting that brightens to room in an overall manner.

Picnic Table

For an extra added dose of outdoor freshness add shades of yellow. orange and even brown to bring that earthy feel that brightens the room while including your picnic table.

Take your décor to the next level by adding a picnic table. A picnic table brings the outside directly in while making the room feel chic fun and expandable. Take your picnic table to the next level by adding color to the table, whether that be through flowers or even by painting the table a chic hue. The idea is to allow the table to brighten the room in an overall manner.

Mix Textures

Add different chairs to bring the diverse feel to the room, consider unique cushions.

Mixing elements brings a unique hint to the room without the need for overwhelming the overall space. You want to bring elements from different styles and eras to create this minimalist yet eclectic collage of elements that seem to simply work. Keep the colors similar to one another to ensure the room feels cohesive yet still quite rustic.


Painting your wood will add an extra dose of beauty while making the room feel grand with just the right amount of rustic appeal.

Whether you enjoy the look of wood or the appeal of wood, rustic décor is huge on wood: therefore, you want to use as much wood as possible. The key is using multiple different kinds of wood, including different hues. The more hues and textures of wood you use the grander the room will feel.

How are you bringing a quirky twist to your rustic décor? Please share with us your ideas below.


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