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Rug on Rug Decorating Done Right in This Living Room

This is a great example of rug-on-rug decorating done right. The layered rugs in this living room are quite stunning. The best use of rug-on-rug decorating, in our opinion, is exactly this: two contrasting colors. That way, both rugs are beautifully emphasized. And with the top rug substantially smaller, enough of the bottom rug is visible to feel its presence. There isn’t a lot of point to just leaving a border, not in this technique. There are really just three basic colors used to create this vibrant living room – grey, blue and brown. The rest are just shades of those three. The furniture and accessories were chosen to match the rugs… or was it the other way around? Blue sofa in the background, and oversize wall art in blue. Matching pillows and coffee tables complete the design. This lovely home is by Suite Arquitetos and is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. What a wonderful space!




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