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Oval Shower Enclosure by MWE

mwe round shower enclosuer terra 1 Oval Shower Enclosure by MWE
mwe round shower enclosure terra 3 Oval Shower Enclosure by MWE
These contemporary, oval shower enclosures from MWE have a futuristic flair about them, making them the latest must-have for the modern bathroom. If you’re renovating, updating or upgrading your bathroom, these oval glass enclosures are definitely worth a look. The Visio features modern, frameless curved-glass doors running or a rounded rail overhead, offering unobstructed 360-degree views. And along the same lines but with an unexpected twist, the Terra shower enclosure turns the system on its head by placing the rail on the floor. Both freestanding shower enclosures are shaped for easy installation anywhere in your bathroom – in a corner, by a wall, or front and center. For more indo visit MWE.




One thought on “Oval Shower Enclosure by MWE

  1. It would be a huge time saver if you had more than two companies listed for one product. There must be more companies that carry the 360 degree glass shower enclosure. The freestanding circular or oval shape

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