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White Minimalist Furniture by Ronald Knol: RKNL Collection

Ronald Knol has been designing quality furniture in the Netherlands for six years and has just partnered with a Brooklyn, NY-based manufacturer to make his collections more accessible on the other side of the pond. There are additional motives behind the collaboration – ecological responsibility and contributing to the local economy. We love it! The RKNL Collection is distinguished with soft edges and clean lines – furniture, in the designer’s own words, “you can’t help but touch”. Starting with his X – Dining table, above. Constructed of high-pressure laminate and plywood – it’s built in the classic crosstable style. And don’t let the name fool you, it would also be a great meeting table or desk.

The RKNL20 coffee table is as sleek as they come in white on white. Highly stylized, yet minimalist. How do they do that? Made of high quality MDF and curved plywood, this table is solid. Multiple coats of lacquered paint protect the surfaces. Available in two finishes, high and satin gloss, it is also available in standard and custom colors. The coffee table also provides an under counter space to stash your tv remote, magazines or other items, making it ideal for the media room.
The One – Dining table is a marvelous piece. It’s modern and rustic at the same time! With the wood grain carefully matched to run the length of the table, it appears carved from a single log. And the soft corners really give this table personality. As with the X – Dining table, this piece would also be perfectly suited as a meeting table or a desk.
This Pure – Media Console screams modern minimalist design. Clean, clean lines define this piece, and make it all look so simple in pure white. The front edge of the panel is finished at 45 degree angles so that when it’s closed, it looks solid. But it opens effortlessly to reveal all of the complicated tech items associated with your media. The RKNL Collection is much larger than these four pieces, please see the website listed below for more information. No matter which piece calls you for that special spot in your home, you can rest assured that anything designed by Ronald Knoll will serve you well, aesthetically and practically, for years to come.
The X – Dining table also makes a fantastic meeting table or desk.
The RKNL20 coffee table hides all your accoutrements in an under shelf.
The fine wood grain matching gives the illusion of being carved from a single log.
More information: RKNL


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