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Retractable Bed For Small Interiors

Built by California designer Funn Roberts, this hanging apparatus for those in apartments and small homes combines elegance with the act of saving space. Made from a gravity-driven system of taut wires, the suspended bed frame lowers from above your head at night to transform a living room into a bedroom. The floating frame itself isn’t the only element in the transition, though; it’s aided by a mantle-style collapsable wood table and two bedside furniture pieces which help create complete sleeping quarters come evening. During the day, the tucked-away bed serves as an overhead focal point and a lighting source, with a living room light mounted under its belly. Though the structure isn’t flush to the ceiling, its design and details fit into the environment of a compact apartment or home space. Making the most out of a small floorplan, this retractable bedroom system is sure to open up any apartment in a more elegant fashion than a wall bed or futon.

With its mechanical structure tucked above the ceiling beams and behind one wall, the bed itself is the only out-of-the-ordinary object above your head in the apartment. Still, its bottom-mounted room light helps make it part of the ceiling instead of a completely incongruous object.
The bed uses thin yet strong wires in a pulley system as its method of suspension, so the bed looks fairly unobstructed when set down on the ground. The light disappears underneath, darkening the room for sleep.
A pseudo-rectangular slab of wood, uncut on its sides, swings down from its state as a table during the day to become a headboard by night. Each of the room’s accent tables is perfectly positioned to become bedside tables when the bed is on the floor.
Funn Roberts
via Freshome


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