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Time To Refresh Your Home With New Wallpaper

When it comes to refreshing and upgrading the home, there isn’t much you can do without having to spend a boatload of money. However, what you can do is display new wallpaper and go from there. Unlike many other decorating aspects wallpaper is not extremely expensive, and it does not require too many moving parts to make a big impact. Furthermore, you can pretty much place it anywhere and enjoy every bit of it.


abstract wallpaper Time To Refresh Your Home With New Wallpaper
Consider adding black bits into your wallpaper for an edgy touch right where you need it.

One of the new and fresh additives to wallpaper is abstract designs. Abstract is coming at us extremely strong and we are obsessed. Having an abstract design allows you to work with the colors and patterns displayed without taking away from the colors you already have displayed. Think of this wallpaper as the perfect splash of hues that you can display in a bold or minimalist manner.

Navigator Map

wprld wallpaper Time To Refresh Your Home With New Wallpaper
The world could just be what your room or home needs to add a little bit of inspiration.

When it comes to bringing something new this one is a perfect idea. Instead of simply having a globe bring in a navigator map wallpaper. Doing so allows you to showcase the world right on your walls, this wallpaper is perfect for those that want to display something unique or are active lovers of world travel. Furthermore, consider this wallpaper as an inspiration to travel often.

Neutral with a Pop of Color

The neutral pop of color does not need to be bold and in your face, it can be sleek and minimal while still making a statement.

Having a neutral wallpaper will never go out of style; however, this year there is a pop of color that is happening, and we are obsessed. Though you might think the pop of color comes from the décor, that is not the case here. This wallpaper trend weaves in a pop of color into neutral hues that already exists on the paper. Whether that be through pattern or different prints the wallpaper makes a bold statement through incorporating color seamlessly with softer bits.

Whimsical Flowers

The more whimsical your floral display is the grander the room will feel with a hint of femininity.

Make your wildest dreams come true with a whimsical floral display right on your walls. Floral wallpapers will always remain on-trend, but this year they are coming a bit softer and even more wearable. Your floral wallpaper is sweeter and lighter in hues, it’s no longer about taking up the most space, it’s now about having a wallpaper that embraces the room’s overall appeal. That is exactly what a whimsical wallpaper will do, make the room feel grand all at once.


Add a colorful element to your speckled wallpaper to truly enhance the beauty and charm of the room.

Unlike animal print, speckled print is a bit softer. It’s a repetitive pattern that brightens a room without taking away from it. Think of it as a complimentary wallpaper that gets the job done. Furthermore, speckled wallpaper comes in neutral hues which is perfect for those that want just a hint of texture with their wallpaper without taking away from the room’s authentic aesthetic.


Consider a watercolor wallpaper for that painterly touch that engulfs the room entirely

Creating a mural in your home is all the rave, but who has the time or the money to have a hand-painted wall? Not many of us which is why having a painterly wallpaper will get the job done in half the time and half the budget. It’s a great way to get that painted pattern approach without all the heaviness having a mural will bring.


Use a wallpaper with similar hues entwined to make a big yet seamless impact

In such a modern world it makes sense that minimal wallpaper is one of the top contenders. This is mainly due to many of us wanting to downgrade on the décor. The idea is to have a wallpaper that feels more like paint than a removable piece. Consider going as sleek as possible with the rest of your décor while still ensuring you get the most out of the room. Wallpaper with crisp lines and charming bits make the best display.

Bright Larger Scale

The more color your wallpaper has weaved in the grander the statement it will make

While we haven’t mentioned any bright hues just it, it was time to do in the chicest way. Bright hues on a large scale will make the impact the room needs. The idea is to have your wallpaper become the main focus of the room while still being easy on the eye. Having this kind of wallpaper allows you to focus on the rest of the décor of the room without worrying on what you so include.

Art Deco

Pair your art deco with color for that bold and daring touch that adds to the contrast of the room

Art deco is great because it adds color, texture, and appeal all at once. You will not need much décor when you have a wallpaper like this. Use it to make a big statement or add lighting around it to further enhance the appeal of the room. The idea is to make the room feel as grand as possible while still keep it sleek and modern.

Palm Trees

Add a colorful twist to your palm trees to make the room have a more modern approach.

Last but certainly not least, we have palm trees. The image of crisp palm trees will always be a top favorite, especially when you are working on enhancing the room’s overall approach. Additionally, palm tree wallpaper makes the room come to life in a classic format and with just the right amount of color. When a room needs color and texture, its time to look at palm trees for a classic pairing.

Which of these ideas are you interested in to create that refreshing feel in your home? Share with us below.



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