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Recyclable Washbasin – funky bathroom decor accessories by Wet

Get your eco-friendly decor fix with this funky recyclable washbasin, by Wet. The freestanding Fusion washbasin is 100% recyclable, indestructible, non-toxic, child-friendly, easy-to-maintain, and it looks great too! The long and lead washbasin comes in a range of hot hues, including Ice White, Black, Apple, Lila, Fuchsia, Lemon, Orange and Red, and also in the Gold, Zebra and Cosmo motifs, which can be combined in 64 different ways to form a funky fusion of color in your bathroom. Mix and match these cool accessories for an eclectic look, or choose matching styles for a clean, contemporary look. These recyclable washbasins are also available with illuminated bases, boasting halogen lighting set on dimmers for a glow that’s soft, bright, or somewhere in between. The decor options are endless with these stylish, sustainable bathroom accessories, from Wet.


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