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Prefab Floating Home with Sustainable Style in Germany – Das Schwimmhaus

The Schwimmhaus by German architects Confused-Direction Design is truly a forward-thinking residential design that touches on a range of building innovations, from its prefab construction and use of sustainable building materials, to its floating fashion for modern living in northern Germany. According to the architects, this contemporary house design was created not just as a floating log cabin – although this distinct influence on its style can’t be denied – but rather as an alternative to traditional city homes that still offers a comfortable, livable balance between modern technology and comfort. The Schwimmhaus floating house is meant to be anchored for a permanent place on the water near densely occupied urban centers. A green roof highlights the home’s sustainable style, while adding a “yard” element where residents would otherwise have to do without. The eco-friendly roof is complemented by environmentally friendly wood salvaged from an old farm house, as well as other eco-friendly building materials. A large window created the front facade of the home, revealing its two storeys and the cozy but comfortable rooms inside. Confused-Direction Design.



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