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Pre-designed House Plan that grows with your family

Located in the coastal community of Noosa Heads in Queensland, Australia, this cool white home by Aboda Design Group has a bit of everything – touches of earthy luxury inside, inviting living spaces outside, chic urban style, practical elements, natural surroundings, and endless options for customization to accommodate the needs of a growing and changing family. The contemporary white facade is an instant attention grabber street side, luring you for a closer look. But it’s what’s behind these bold white walls that will persuade you to stay and explore further. Here’s a tour.

The low-maintenance facade features cool white panels, largely closed off for privacy’s sake, lending a fortress feel to the home. From the architects, “The street entry circulation route, while simple in appearance, connects the street to the dwelling in an understated manor. In turn, this places greater focus on the surrounding landscape and final destination of the formal gated entry.”
Putting its northern orientation to good use, the home features lots of glazing and clerestory windows that flood the kitchen, living and dining areas with natural light.
The glazing is shielded by deep roof overhangs, which offer shade and refuge from the heat of the day. Views of parkland and a nature reserve surround this house in lush greenery, but these also posed a problem with respect to privacy, which the architects solved with some creative cover-ups enclosing the home’s exterior.
The home’s sloping site called for a terraced plan that would follow the natural lay of the land, step by step. Resulting, each level enjoys an unobstructed outdoor view.
Interiors are quite the opposite, featuring large open spaces with functional flexibility and plenty of windows framing natural views and lots of light.
A division of zones defines three main functions: the kids’ play areas, public living areas and a private parents’ retreat. The home is organized on an east-west axis, with living areas facing north. A long corridor offers all access to the house while creating an internal breezeway for natural ventilation passing through a battened entry gate. The west-facing facade features the garage and main entry, and further inside, the master bedroom. To the east, additional living spaces open onto a shady deck that overlooks lush greenery and pool, and invites cool breezes into the home.
The linear layout brings simplicity to everyday living, connecting the pool to the entry is a clean sweep. This spine also creates a natural flow for passive air circulation and cooling, enhanced by the raised ceilings which also serve to move air through the home.
Bringing function to fashion, this home’s fixed elements (the kitchen components, for instance) are arranged with simplicity and efficiency in mind, offering practical access and flowing circulation throughout the home. The central island becomes an instant gathering spot for casual meals and conversations, topped with warm wood along with the floor and furnishings. A butler’s pantry is located behind a frameless glass door – out of the way, but easily at hand for food storage and meal prep.
Interiors boast sliding glass walls between different living areas, offering the option to close off or open up. But even when closed, these glazed walls leave sightlines open to maintain that wonderful airy feeling.
But even the private areas of the home have an open, airy quality to them, thanks to the strategically placed windows, the high ceilings and the white walls that bounce light around the space.
According to Aboda, “From the formal to informal living spaces, all zones are accommodated by ‘break out’ external spaces; allowing one to take a view, retreat from the climate, relax in the pool or garden.”
A signature of Aboda Design Group’s pre-designed homes, this versatile custom house can be further reconfigured beyond what you see. Perfect for a growing family with ever-changing needs, this smaller home can easily be tailored and enlarged to fit a family of 6 or more.
Aboda Design Group
Photo credit: Paul Smith


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