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Custom Family Home with a Simple and Smart Layout

Aussie architecture firm Aboda Design Group sent us images of the Peregian House located in Noosa Heads of Queensland, Australia. The home was made as a prototype to give potential owners a solid idea of what the pre-designed house plan will look and feel like. These homes come in a range of different styles, ensuring there is something out there for every buyer. This particular home was created for a young family with an eco agenda and a budget.

They say location, location, location is everything, and this particular location is a steep site that required careful considerations in terms of access, vehicle storage, green space and outdoor living areas while leaving the existing environment intact.
According to the architects, “The reduced level of the ground floor was determined to ensure that the required retaining of the superstructure and pool would create flat external zones, on an otherwise unusable terrain. The final building position promotes a well-oriented building, to capture prevailing breezes, minimizing heat loads, maximizing natural paths of ventilation and the National Park vistas from Mt Coolum in the south through to Mt Cooroy in the north.”
This custom house design meets all the homeowners’ criteria – low-maintenance and durable, well suited to the site and scenery, fitting for a family, and cost-effective.
Interiors are made for to suit the daily life of a growing family who appreciates sleek style and the finer things in life. This simple layout divides the home into 3 areas: the kids’ wing, living quarters and the parents’ retreat, all connected to the outdoors through expansive windows. The kitchen, living and dining areas take advantage of the north-facing orientation to flood this open space with natural light. Views to the north-west capture breathtaking vistas.
Floor-to-ceiling glass doors open to the deck surrounded by trees and enjoying privacy afforded by the steep rocky hillside. While small in scale, interiors are spacious and offer a big impact in their modern finishes and stunning views.
Step out into this alfresco living area, where a palette of white and wood echoes that of the indoors.
The wide windows lighten and brighten this home, but combined with the overhanging roof and orientation, they invite seasonal solar gain and the opportunity for passive climate control.
The deck works its way around the house, leading you to the shimmering pool that links the house to nature. This yard has a bit of everything – grassy ground, shady trees, sparkling water and blue skies. What more could you ask for?
The expansive glazing affords interiors views of this inviting outdoor paradise, extending living space far beyond its walls.

The home’s simple and smart layout links all living areas to a central spine. Apart from organization, this linear floor plan and raised ceilings allow for easy air circulation and passive cooling. The architects explain, “The circulation spines assist natural ventilation paths within the dwelling, and these paths feed the larger spatial volumes. Options for high level louvres and whirly birds assist natural convection.” That’s right folks, no air conditioning required in this house!
Smart and beautiful, this home features high-end finishes that add a touch of luxury to the everyday. This kitchen is a sweet, sleek space that makes meal prep and clean-up less of a chore. The small space boasts lots of storage and prep space, with a side of contemporary-chic in its glossy white cabinets and large marble-topped island and countertops.
With beauty comes function – versatile function demanded by a growing family. “Due to the simplicity of the plan, this building can be easily refurbished for other purposes should the family grow to 6 persons or more, by utilizing the space below the sub floor (this is aided by topography). This is a strong theme of the practice that modest-sized homes can be developed, at a lower relative cost, but that can also be reconfigured at a later date if personal or market requirements demand it,” according to Aboda Design Group.
This bedroom is quiet and closed off, in contrast to the rest of the home. “From the formal to informal living spaces, all zones are accommodated by ‘break out’ external spaces; allowing one to take a view, retreat from the climate, relax in the pool or garden.” Offering a beautiful balance between privacy and socialization, this home is a hotspot for family life.
Aboda Design Group
photo credit: Paul Smith


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