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Patio Huts – modern outdoor huts by Alexander Rose – Ovo

Make your outdoors marvelous this summer with these modern outdoor huts by Alexander Rose. These aptly named patio huts, called Ovo (which translates to egg in Portuguese), offer a comfortable, shady spot to kick back and relax. These classic retro-style outdoor huts are made of high-quality Viro synthetic fiber, woven over a powder-coated aluminum frame that offers durability in all weather. The natural peaked shape and warm brown finish invite you in, while the cozy cushions convince you to stay! Put these huts poolside for a shady spot in the sun, or tuck them among your plants for a garden retreat. The removable top allows you convertible versatility for when you want to catch some rays. For more info on these modern patio huts, visit Alexander Rose.



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