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Folding Outdoor Shower by Dometti

Looking for a fab focal point for the rooftop patio or poolside deck? This folding outdoor shower palm by Italian company Dometti rolls comfort, convenience, innovation and style, all into one. The PalmShower features a slim silhouette inspired by palm trees, with jets along its trunk and foliage – six leaves, which can be customized to your preferences of shower, misting system, or a combination of the two. When not in use, the leaves fold down to protect the structure in high winds and nasty weather. For the tech lovers out there, this shower is stacked! The controls are all embedded in the trunk for easy access, and an optional remote control lets you work its many functions using your iPhone or iPod Touch through Wi-Fi: open/close the leaves, turn on/off the water, set the LED chromatherapy lighting, and crank up the sound system – an MP3 player, radio-tuner, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth receiver, speakers, stereo amplifiers – all waterproof. Choose from a range of hot hues like pearly white, metallic grey, or sieved gold, among others. Proving there’s no such thing as a “simple shower” the folding PalmShower is a must-see. Check it out at Dometti.



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