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Outdoor Shower by D’un jardin à l’Autre – garden showers Medina & Azure

If the garden is your second home in good weather then an outdoor shower from D’un jardin à l’Autre will surely inspire. After a dip in the pool, or after a run, it makes perfect sense to take a refreshing shower in the great outdoors. The Medina shower features a pretty, intricate wrought iron enclosure that will never go out of fashion. The forged iron arabesques that form the outdoor shower are linked together in five joining parts, and weatherproofed to retain a natural look. The Azure shower is made of Iroko wood, joined together in an enveloping form to provide a sense of comfort and privacy. This luxurious cabin is great near the pool but would be equally at home inside your bathroom. Try either of these lovely showers from D’un jardin à l’Autre for an invigorating outdoor experience.



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