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Outdoor Kitchen from Viteo Outdoors – a modular patio kitchen

Warm sun and cool breezes are one of life’s finest pleasures, so why spend a minute more than you have to indoors? Viteo Outdoors have created a fabulous outdoor kitchen that offers a built-in grill, sink and wide work surfaces. Simple surfaces of wood slats are highlighted by steel frames make for a sleek and modern look. The Patio kitchen is designed for any weather. Available in Teak, Larch or glazed Ash the wooden slats allow rain to drain away easily and resist damage. The simple form ensures there is little to catch strong winds or loose leaves. The built-in grill forms a seamless workspace and features a drawer beneath the grill for easy cleaning and replacement of coals. The steel sink is perfect for parties as well as washing up vegetables to roast. Warm and inviting the outdoor kitchen is ideal for entertaining and sharing with good friends. Viteo Outdoors offer the Patio Kitchen as a range of modular units perfect for making the most of any available space.



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