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Othello Modern Geometric Curtain Panels by Curtainworks

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Curtainworks have sent us this Othello Modern Geometric Curtain Panel set, we got it installed and we love it. Unlike most other sheer curtains on the market, these are contemporary in style and well-suited to a trendy yet timeless decor. The urban minimalist pattern works well against the city skyline of this urban high-rise apartment and brings you a sense of calm and peace. And in the face of this densely populated setting, these semi-sheers offer privacy while welcoming plenty of light into your space. In a new condo or city home, these unique modern curtain panels create the welcoming look and feel of home, in an existing home they bring a fresh, modern aesthetic – talk about easy updates! Mount these curtain panels with the striking hardware provided; a grommet-type panel with large metal curtain rings that are as easy to look at as they are easy to install. Pictured here in Ivory, the look is soothing and contemporary. Also available in Copper, Silver and Ivory, the different colors bring a different mood to your room decor. For more information visit Curtainworks.
(Installed and photographed by Trendir)



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