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Organic Fairy Tale House for Sale – Wizards Only Need Apply

Shining Hand Ranch, in Ashland, Oregon is for sale but wizards only need apply. A mere $8.2 million can ensconce you and yours in this hobbit house on the west coast. Situated on 706 acres, with views to Mount Shasta, this bespoke Oregon home has many fairy tale touches. It was carefully designed to reflect – and respect – the lands surrounding it. The 8,880 sf home was completed in 2016, built with rounded edges and graceful curves to represent the organic nature of the structure. While parts may seem over the top wizard and sorcerer – other parts are quite modern and tame by comparison. No question, the entire place is a work of art. You’ll be fascinated as we take our tour.
From the outside, the house looks like Spanish Mission with an Oriental touch. Nothing really wild, but somewhat out of the ordinary.

The doorway is framed with copper tree sculptures – both inside and out. The impressive arched doors are made from Brazilian mahogany and sculpted with shapes of the region’s wildlife inhabitants: salmon, coyotes, and eagles.
Now you’re looking at the door from the inside. More copper tree sculptures (don’t you love them?) and different carvings on this side of that massive door. The door was hand carved by local Native American artist Russell Beebe.
The grand staircase has hand carved manzanita branches (a small indigenous west coast tree) for the railings and balustrades. Custom-cut pieces of glass have been fitted between the crooking branches.
The staircase showcases the animals from Native American folklore and myth.
The home has a lot of fluidity and motion, in no small part due to the natural shapes of the wood and the clever flowing river floor.
The dining room is filled with preserved Manzanita trees that seem to grow out from the walls. The arched windows provide endless views of the Oregon mountains.
With huge windows and skylights – this home has ample natural light.
The living room has a grand wood burning fireplace with glass mosaic inlay.
The kitchen is built for entertaining, and quite tame compared to what we’ve seen so far. Until you notice the tree trunks growing up from the floor to support the kitchen island.
Double sinks – and double faucets – now that’s a foodies’ dream.
The master bath boasts spectacular views, not to mention those gorgeous double sinks built with blue Van Gogh granite.
It also has a double shower, jetted tub and steam shower with natural boulders. You expected anything less?
The jetted tub has a great view!
As does the balcony. In fact, there are no bad views here at Shining Hand Ranch.
The spiral staircase is lit by natural light through the glass blocks.
The attention to detail and the organic, natural use of wood in this home is amazing.
Windows are cut in the shapes of clouds and trees under the conical roof in the master bedroom. The cedar ceilings throughout the home are expertly crafted with tongue and groove planks and cedar beams.
The same windows, viewed from outside.
From the outside, you just have no idea what lies within.
Appearances can be deceiving, can’t they? If this wizard house has piqued your interest, head on over to Realtor.com and make an offer.


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