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Orwell Sofa by Goula Figuera is a Domestic Refuge


The Orwell sofa was designed as a piece of furniture that has the combined attributes of a sofa, bed and “cabin”, as it was called before being renamed after the author of the classic novel, 1984. In the book, Orwell references the lack of privacy people felt they had even in their own homes. This sofa remedies that by having drop down quilted flaps that zip shut for a darkened and cozy place to sleep.


The Orwell is an enticing place to relax whether both flaps are up, down or half and half. It’s like your own private cabin retreat right in the middle of your living room – or guest room – or family room – or wherever you choose to place it.


The heavy quilted drop down curtains insulate against sound, making it the perfect home office or study center.


Orwell is designed to be especially comfortable whether sitting or lying down.


Aside from being super functional, the Orwell will bring out the child in all of us as we reminisce about the magical and mysterious forts we made out of our parents furniture.
Alvaro Goula / Pablo Figuera


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