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New Blade-thin Shower Heads by Gessi Are Only 3mm Thick

International company Gessi is doing amazing things with water, and its latest innovation in new shower heads is so sleek and slim, it’s hard to believe it actually works! The Tremillimetri showerhead and shower column is just three millimeters thick, but it packs plenty of modern fashion and function into that barely there measurement. This contemporary two-dimensional shower fixture boasts a basic rectangular or rounded shape that will never go out of style, which is enhanced by an elegant, hyper-polished finish. A robust, revitalizing rain-shower freefalls from this blade-thin fixture, which also incorporates an LED light for some added oomph. Proving that less really is more, the Tremillimetri showerhead takes modern minimalism to new levels of luxury. Check out these wall-mounted shower heads and shower columns by visiting Gessi.



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