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Neon Gate by Tjep Studios

Tjep Studios of Amsterdam designed this incredible, imposing gateway (two actually, one at either end) as the entrances to the Amsterdam Garden School (Aemstel Schooltuin). This magnificent place is a working garden, where 500 children aged 9 – 11 will learn about nature and how to grow their own garden. These gates were designed as a portal to transport one from the urban landscape to the rural – from city streets to garden paths. And indeed, they do. The gates are 8 meters wide (approximately 26 feet) and 4 meters (13+ feet) high – but aren’t just to keep people out in off hours. A clear mandate for the creators was to construct something that would keep out criminal wildlife – like rabbits who would eat everything in the garden. The design is a tribute to the flora and fauna, with the tightly woven patterns at the bottom fulfilling that mandate. And aren’t the gardening trowel tools at the top appropriate? The color and style is a tribute to urban graffiti – a monument to the transition from city to nature. And an another plus – it is a bright spot on the landscape. Who could get lost when you tell them to meet you at the lime green neon gate?

The tightly woven pattern at the bottom of the gate keeps the hungry rabbits out of the Garden School.
This is an imposing gate at more than 13 feet high, and more than 26 feet wide.
The gate’s bright green color makes it easy to find!
Rembrandt’s statue sits next to the School Garden.
More information: Tjep Studio


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