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Natural Acrylic Stone Hi-Macs

The latest generation of bathroom design comes in the form of Hi-Macs’ Natural Acrylic Stone, composed of 70 percent natural stone powder, 25 percent high-quality acrylic resin and 5 percent natural pigments. The result is a highly versatile product that’s becoming a top choice for sinks, bathtubs and counters, desired for its seamless, non-porous characteristics, easy to mold into any shape imagined. Furthermore, this innovative new material is, unlike porcelain, warm to the touch, adding to your environment of soothing comforts. As shown on these photos, Hi-Macs natural acrylic bathrooms are available as prefabricated and thermoformed. These bathroom suites feature gentle curves and smooth lines evocative of flowing water, and the collection comes in any color from a select palette to custom shades to match your space and your vision to a T. The material is produced in sheets that, when properly heated, can be shaped to fit your decor space or “simply to indulge the imagination of the designer”. Designed and developed by LG Chem, more information on this newest acrylic stone is available at Hi-Macs.



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