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Mountain Lake House with Modern Appeal by E. Cobb Architects

Located in the Cascade Mountain Range, the Cascade Lake House is a modern mountain cabin with rustic appeal. A haven for summertime wind surfing and wintertime sledding, this contemporary cottage by E. Cobb Architects artfully blends the essence of raw nature with a rich, refined luxury. The architects describe the home’s three main components as “a box on top, a narrow two-story slab at the bottom, and a lightweight cantilevered shelf between the two,” precariously balancing on the edge of the mountainside. The surrounding trees serve as natural privacy screens for the residents. The home’s top box houses a two-car garage with an elevator, a mudroom and a storage room. A set of exterior concrete stairs wind their way down to the home’s main entrance, opening the doors to a world of magnificent views of both inside and out. The two-storey base is the model of efficiency, housing 12 sleeping areas including four bedrooms, a kids’ bunk cabin, two bathrooms, two built-in day beds and a built-in hall bunk. The third level of the home – the “shelf” – is designed as a socializing space, featuring an open-concept floor plan with a narrow galley kitchen and living areas on either side. This level is virtually enclosed in glass, but the best view of the lake is from the exterior terrace, spanning the lake-side facade. E. Cobb Architects.



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