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Cute Plastic Chairs Rin

fritz hansen moulded plastic chairs rin Cute Plastic Chairs Rin
There’s just no need for the functional to be boring – and the Rin Chair by Hiromichi Konno proves it. A smart moulded plastic chair from Fritz Hansen, the Rin chair would be at home in a range of situations around the house. It’s perfect for a home office or dining room… and would be a natural choice for a breakfast bar. The integrated cushion also makes it a comfortable choice. Rin chair makes a strong statement with a deliberate contrast between the predictable and the unpredictable. How? Well, the four-legged star shaped base is reassuringly stable and familiar. But the moulded seat shell features cut-outs that are less expected… each side has two absences, two voids. Rin chair is a paradox. Available in a range of solid, bright colors such as green or red, the Rin chair also looks sublime in black or white. Designed by Hiromichi Konno, from Fritz Hansen.

fritz hansen moulded plastic chairs rin 2 Cute Plastic Chairs Rin



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