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Sweet Mother’s Day table setting Ideas

Mother’s Day is all about creating memories that will last a lifetime while making your mom feel special. It’s one of those holidays that truly allows you to get creative with your décor. This is mainly due to it not having a specific color wave, meaning you have the ability to go full creative mode and embrace your setting as you please. Just in case, you’re having a little bit of trouble getting creative, we have put together a guide for sweet Mother’s Day table setting ideas that are so charming you are deemed to fall in love with them now.

Edible Arrangement Centerpiece

Consider bringing a colorful array when you’re working with a fruit arrangement display. You might even want to scatter your fruits around for a bold appeal.

Who doesn’t love the idea of edible arrangements, even if that means creating them yourself? Bring color, joy, and a fun twist to your Mother’s Day table setting by taking an array of fruits and displaying them right at the center of your table. It’s all about creating a collage and going big. Bring in colorful fruits such as watermelon, melon, pineapple, guava, peaches, and even plums and display them right in the middle for a bold appeal that enforces the idea of being sweet and sassy at once.

Botanical Terrarium

When in doubt, consider creating the terrariums yourself with a DIY aspect. Not only will your mom love it, but she will cherish it forever.

Flowers are a universal, love language that brings many together, so why not take them and create magic. Who doesn’t love the dainty appeal of having a terrarium? They’re oh so charming and bring color while being aesthetically pleasing. With that being said, these are unlike any other terrarium that you have come across, as these include vibrant flowers and could even include a teacup or two. It’s all about creating a display that will make your mom “oh and ah” when she comes across your masterpiece. Work in small sections to bring chic touches that are sweet and beautiful.

Pink Candlesticks

The longer your candlesticks the greater the impact they will make, it’s all about creating a bold appeal that’s contrasting at once.

Bring a charismatic twist by working with pink candlesticks. Not only do they ooze femininity, but they add a whimsical glow that makes the room come to life seamlessly. Add a bold contrast by pairing your candlesticks with flowers, and rustic bits. Work other wood elements and you have a charming, modern rustic table that’s feminine and easy on the eye.

Classic Tea Party

Add small trays throughout the table to give the room a second dose of contrast and color.

During quarantine, there aren’t really restaurants and areas that you can take your mom to, but you can create a tea party right at home. Why not give your mom the ultimate restaurant touch by bringing a classic tea party directly to your dining room? Bring in tea treats, as well as an arrangement of flowers, and pair them perfectly with matching teacups. Having the matching bits truly bring your tea party to the next level.

Bring in Tiered Trays

Display your favorite treats on tiered tables to give them a spotlight of their own.

For that classy appeal that still gives you an elevated modern touch bring in tiered trays. Tiered trays are great due to how versatile they truly are. You can display food on them, or small plants, you can even add décor to them, due to how much height they add to the table. It’s an excellent way of decorating with a uniqueness that flows throughout. Consider trays etched in gold for a modern appeal.

Add a Few books

The simple act of bringing chic books will instantly make the area come to life overall.

Bringing your mom’s favorite books to the table is one of the best ways of making your décor look and feel as personal to her as possible. It’s about creating a table setting that makes her feel as if it’s all about her, which it certainly is on Mother’s Day. Furthermore, it’s a charming addition that works well with any decorating scenario. Use them for height, when you want to display a teapot, or simply have the book open to your mom’s favorite page.

Embrace Pink

The more pink shades you use, the grander the room will appear. It’s about going feminine with the ultimate display.

Pale, pink is the color of the moment, not only is it festive and charming but it screams Spring. Jumpstart your table décor by bringing in a pale pink cake and working around that. It’s all about making the room have that feminine aesthetic while still being trendy and charming. Work in a few hints of greenery to create a contrast that makes sense to the room.

Take it Outside

Keep it chic, and minimal by bringing food and using it as the main display. It’s all about making the room, as charming as possible.

If you are lucky enough to have a patio or backyard, take your table setting to the next level by taking it outdoors. Enjoy the warmer weather and work with natural elements on your table. If you have flowers, twigs or even branches bring them to the table and allow them to make a statement. This idea is all about working with nature and having it become the main focus, while still keeping it chic. You want the space to feel like it blends in, don’t forget to bring in a touch of lace, for that sexy hint the space could be missing.

Laid back

The simple use of going minimal will make the room feel new and enchanting at once.

Not all moms are the same, so it’s only right for us to incorporate something a little bit easier on the eye- laid back décor. When we say laid back, we don’t mean “boring” or “lacking” we mean minimal and dainty. Therefore, bring in a few simple pieces that you already have in the home and work around it. Whether that is an elegant plate display with fancy napkins or it’s a set of glass flutes that make your heart dance. You want to take it and fully embrace having it as your main element. A more laid back approach means you get to decorate minimally while making a big impact.

Treats, Please

Pair your fun treats with flowers to truly engage in the color and appeal of the room.

If all fails, and you can’t seem to find the perfect Mother’s Day table setting, bring in the treats. Now the key to make your treats the main focus of your décor is using miniature bits. The food that you display should feel engaging and almost “too cute to eat.” It’s all about taking these treats and displaying them creatively. Think about displaying a few bits on a cutting board or having mini cupcakes as your main course. Take your mom on a trip of culinary arts with beautiful treats.

With so many different ways to decorate for Mother’s Day share with us what idea you have been contemplating? And how you plan on executing it? Will you bring in small treats or are you adding flowers everywhere and hoping for the best? Share with us, all your quirky bits below.


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