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Modern Table Lamp from Nemo (Cassina) – new Chocolate lamp for Christmas!

Nemo table lamp Chocolate from Cassina
For a chocoholic that has everything – the new Chocolate lamp is 100% calorie-free! A considerate present for a dieter, this modern table lamp from the Nemo division of Cassina is decadent nevertheless. The high-gloss stem and base resemble a chocolate fountain – it looks as if melted chocolate were flowing from within the lamp. Topped with a contrasting brown opaque shade like a tasty praline chocolate the lamp is witty yet refined. The finish is smooth and the look is subtle enough to blend into any decor. Finish with predictable boxes of chocolates and give your loved one Italian design instead – in the sumptuous form of the new Chocolate lamp from Cassina
Check another playful table lamp here – the Mico from Martinelliluce.



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