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Modern Sustainable Home Designs by brio54

Connecticut-based brio54 is hitting the prefab-home market with a triple threat. Its trio of new designs promises to deliver fashion, function and affordability, all in an eco-friendly and style-savvy package. The company’s new series of modern sustainable home designs includes the H1 suburban model (pictured), the H2 urban infill model, and H3 high ranch rehab model. Apart from their modern aesthetic, each home design is complemented by a long list of eco-friendly features, including whole-house allergen filtration, low-VOC materials and finishes, natural wood and stone flooring, 3Form countertops, passive energy design, on-demand water heating, dual-flush toilets, and ENERGY STAR HVAC and appliances. As upgrades, you can also opt for geothermal, photovoltaic and solar heating, graywater recycling systems and rainwater harvesting systems. Currently in its production stage, the H1 home will soon be available across the U.S. and Canada. The H2 and H3 designs are sure to follow. brio54
via Contemporist



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