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Modern Solar Lamp Table Combo by Foscarini

Combine an outdoor (or indoor) table with solar power and what do you get? A light source that draws people to sit a while. Designer Jean Marie Massaud created this “terra” line for Foscarini – using the shape of the sun as his solar model. It becomes a perfect place to gather, indoors or out. And what a conversation piece! Made from polyethylene, this terra table can sit at different angles to collect the sun’s solar power to store for later in the evening. As you sit on the deck and dusk falls, the table rises to the occasion and lights the area. The outdoor model is constructed to allow rainwater to run off, so you don’t have to position it under cover. Could you imagine one of these over the berm of a beach house against the water’s edge, or in the middle of a clearing in a forested area? Wherever you put this solar table – inside or out – the magic will happen.

Indoors or out – these tables are magic!
More information: Foscarini


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