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Modern Sectional Sofas – Blanche sofa range by Bruehl

Asymmetrical shapes characterise the modern Blanche sectional sofa range by Bruehl. Surprising curves in unexpectedly places make this sofa a distinctive practical luxury. The sectional pieces fit together beautifully, making different arrangements possible. In a nod to traditional design, the luxurious leather of the super modern sofa is punctuated with buttons. The ruched effect created in the leather fabric of the backrest is a contrast to the perfectly smooth surface of the seat. For a minimalist look, you can select it in pure white. Or, for a livelier look, why not plump for the fabulous pink floral pattern shown here? Balanced with plain white the fabric is pretty and eye-catching. Nominated for the Designaward of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Blanche sectional sofa is by Bruehl.



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