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Modern Plastic Outdoor Chairs by Domitalia

Making their anticipated debut at Salone del Mobile 2010, these modern plastic outdoor chairs by Domitalia are indicative of the funky direction for outdoor decor in the coming seasons. The Baba and Phantom chairs are fun in their concepts, featuring modern materials, rounded shapes and cool colors, all with a cartoon feel. The Baba chair is a compact stool style-seat with a backrest and integrated handle, making it easy to pick up and move into the shade, the sun, by the bar or where the action is. The Phantom chairs are loosely modeled after a formal dining chair, complete with back and armrests and dressed in a chair cover, “fabric folds” and all – executed in plastic! Available in a range of hot hues these funky plastic chairs offer durability and make a great addition to casual outdoor environments. Check them out at Domitalia.



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