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Modern Outdoor Stools – outdoor sectional ‘Cake’ by Jane Hamley Wells

Just in time to kick off the outdoor entertaining season, Cake is what you and your guests will be after! Even sweeter than its namesake, these modern outdoor stools will be in demand for their comfort and the all-important cool factor. The Cake outdoor sectional by Jane Hamley Wells was made for Moban, and the clever design incorporates seating and a tabletop in one innovative essential. The circular seating area is divided into five “slices” upholstered in black or white leather, which conveniently and compactly store under the stainless steel and glass table when not in use. The tinted glass tabletop comes in the choice of clear, satin, smoked brown and smoked grey finishes. This is the perfect patio piece for the person who loves to entertain in the outdoors. Check it out by visiting Jane Hamley Wells.



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