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Modern Lakeside House in Italy by Architect Marco Castelletti

This cool, modern lakeside house by architect Marco Castelletti breaks all convention when it comes to style and special configuration. The home’s vertical configuration adopts a uniquely Italian architecture style, with a twist of modernism within its unusual profile. The modern house in Como, Italy, is set on a sleep slope overlooking the street below and boasting an endless view of the lake at its feet. A long set of stairs leads from the street to the home’s entrance, which covered by an overhanging hall, and into a glass atrium. The home’s main floor – a horizontal volume – faces the lake and houses the living areas and bedrooms. The home’s second level – the vertical volume – contains the service wing. This functional and fashionable design is clad in a combination of Iragna stone and white marble-dust plaster, lending the home an authentic yet contemporary flair. Marco Castelletti.



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