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Modern Dressing Cabinet from Yomei – Magic Cube can become a bar or a computer center!

The Magic Cube modern dressing cabinet from Yomei is an essential piece for the small urban studio or large luxurious spaces alike. Measuring a compact 600mm wide by 1,440mm high by 508mm deep, the magic of Magic Cube lies in its innovative design – versatile, functional and stylish. Go from bar to computer center to makeup counter, all with one stylish piece – and all three designs offer an impressive array of features. In make-up bar mode, Magic Cube sports a light-up rear-view mirror, a magnification cosmetic mirror, cosmetic drawers and an integrated power outlet to plug in your hair dryer, curler or electric shaver. As a drink bar, this innovative piece includes an illuminated mirror, a refrigerator, a storage shelf, and a power outlet for the coffee maker or blender. For the eternal worker, Magic Cube boasts an extendable top for a workstation with room for writing notes, a computer and even a printer thanks to the integrated electrical outlet, all at your fingertips, and at an ergonomically comfortable height. The modern dressing cabinet is available in a trip of stylish hues – Off-White, Black-Magic and China-Red – and for the truly style savvy, additional colors are also available on request. From the outside in, style is the name of the game. The interior features quality leather trim in chocolate or black. Yomei.



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