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Modern Boathouse Fit for Contemporary Living

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This is not just yet another boathouse, but a stylish solution for modern living in areas with high density population and large expanses of water. Designers Sascha Akkermann and Flo Florian of Confused-Direction Design aimed at creating much more than a simple floating log cabin. Their boathouse is a valuable home that balances modern design and maritime flair. This ambition is also reflected in their selection of materials, which are aluminum, wood and glass. The prefabricated structure consists of a floating wooden platform and the house module. The house has the shape of a polygonal box with the roof sloping slightly from the front to the back and an inclined front glazed facade. The house is clad in aluminum panels on three sides, while the front façade is fully glazed. Due to the inclined front facade, the space widens at the top and the bedroom has spectacular suspended views on the water. Also thanks to the inclination of the façade more floor space is saved for the front deck. The living area communicates with the deck through the glazed façade, thus creating the sensation of continuous space.

modern boat house fit for contemporary living 1 thumb 630xauto 35616 Modern Boathouse Fit for Contemporary Living

The inside space is completely open, making the most out of every square centimeter. The bedroom is located on a mezzanine towards the front,under the double height. The mezzanine is accessible via a wooden ladder.


The bed has clear maritime influences: it has a low built in wooden platform that overlooks the water. The further away views can be admired through the telescope placed in front of the inclined windows.


In the bathroom, the window has the double function of a mirror, in front of the washbasin.This way, the water-scapes can be admired really from every corner of the house.


The open plan living area has vintage and vintage-inspired furnishings, that create a stylish and cozy interior.


The shapes are organic, with many rounded pieces such as the suspended shelves, the design stove and the beautiful cocoon-shaped rocking armchair.


The kitchen is composed of a block that uses one of the side windows as back-splash. On the opposite side,we find a reclaimed dining table and chairs, along with a vintage style freestanding fridge.


We thank our friends from Freshome for sharing this great design idea!



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