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10 Modern Beach Homes You’re Sure to Love

Do you dream of living on the beach in your beautifully designed home? Modern beach homes have never been more desirable. They come with clean lines, plenty of windows, and no excess in design. Check out these feats of style, design, and architecture so you can start imagining your own modern beach home. Who knows? You might find yourself living close to the waves sooner than you’d think.

This modern beach house blends wood and glass.

This modern beach home is full of windows sure to show off a sunrise or sunset. This modern design features wood on the interior and exterior of the home, which makes the outside feel as though it is on the inside. Focus on the indoor/outdoor feel of this modern beach home.{found on Houzz}.

Imagine living in this modern stone beach house.

This California beach home sits right on the Pacific Ocean. The privacy fence goes up a few feet so passersby cannot see in to the first floor of the home. This modern look has eliminated all excess and features one of the hallmarks of modern design: clean, open, and light-filled spaces.

This beach house blends the indoors and outdoors.

This Long Island beach home may not be directly on the water but it truly brings the outdoors inside the home with the garage-door style side of the home. To fit with modern architecture, this house makes a strategic use of materials to create visual interest. With a few (removable) pops of color, this space is truly pleasing to the eye.{found on oceanhomemag}.

A modern beach house that blends glass, metal, and stones.

The use of natural materials is prominent in modern home design. This beach house which was designed by Stelleco architects is defined by its use of woods which add to the clean, airy feeling of the space. It isn’t hard to imagine enjoying this property for yourself!

A Miami modern beach house.

This modern beach house in Miami, Florida simply screams luxury. This home makes a statement with the use of two primary colors, black and white with a lot of windows. As you can see, the furniture both inside and outside the home is sparse which is standard in modern home design.{found on homeadore}.

This lake house blends in with its surroundings.

This may not be a beach house but this lake house is full of natural materials and seems to have barely disrupted it’s surrounding environment. It follows the common theme of nearly every beach or lake home – windows everywhere.

Always feel outdoors when in this modern beach house full of glass.

This Sydney, Australia beach home is perfect for watching sunrises on the Pacific Ocean. The primary materials used in this home are glass and wood, both of which lend an airy feel to the space. Just remember not to over decorate this modern home because the design says it all.

This modern beach house is a dream home!

Check out the way the interior of this modern beach home is decorated. The owners have kept the space open, including the staircase which is not bulky at all. Imagine opening these big glass doors and hearing the noise of the ocean while getting ready for work.

This uniquely shaped lakefront home is an architectural feat.

This is a lakefront home that screams beach house! Unlike some of the other homes featured, the exterior is stone but the interior features wood throughout. Modern design includes natural materials of all type, so this design hasn’t strayed from the essence of modernism.{found on dwell}.

Enjoy living both indoors and outdoors with this modern beach house.

Live on the edge of the world with this metal, wood, and glass exterior that is a feat of modern design. Leave your doors and windows open all of the time in this Maine beach home!


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