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Modern Beach Home Boasts Serious Surf-Appeal

New Zealand architects at Herriot + Melhuish beg the question: “Is it possible to create a truly modern, striking beach home, with stunning views, light, bright spaces and crafted details, yet still remain understated?” The answer lies in the modern Raumati Beach Home on New Zealand’s North Island. Tucked discreetly within an established neighborhood, a warm glow emanates from the home’s vast windows. Simple from the outside and in, the box-style home is divided into a few large rooms that boast the luxury of space and style. Interiors are clad in wood, highlighted by the plentiful windows and skylights throughout the home. A family room features a contemporary stone fireplace, and opens onto the beach. An outdoor shower completes the home’s sun, sand and surf appeal. According to the architects, “The cliches of the beach are of shabby decrepitude or vast new palaces of bling. The house on the beach shows that there is a completely different and better way to live on the coast.” Herriot + Melhuish: Architecture.



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