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Modern Barcelona House with Multifaceted Geometry


If we didn’t know that this house is situated in Barcelona’s Vallvidrera residential neighborhood, we could easily think that it is somewhere on the Mediterranean coast, overlooking the sea. The Mediterranean feel is given by the all-white, apparently roofless exterior, the geology and the slope of the terrain. In order to get a maximum interior space, YLAB Architectos have conceived the house as a compact three level volume. The multifaceted geometry of the house starts from a cube whose every face has been divided into four surfaces. Then, like in a three-dimensional building game, these facets have been pushed and pulled in various directions to give the final geometry of the house. The orientation of the surfaces is not at all random, they aim on the one hand to bring the most of natural light and city views, and on the other hand to create privacy for the owners. As the plot is very small and located in a crowded neighborhood, privacy was one of the main criteria in shaping the house. The upper surfaces of the cube have been pushed up to form the roof. The fact that the roof is treated the same as the rest of the house, in mat white, gives a great unity to the architecture. Moreover, the fixed windows and the white perforated aluminum shutters perfectly align with the facades, in a flawless geometry. The main entrance is at the middle level, where the space has been divided between a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining areas. The kitchen and dining areas benefit from a double height ceiling, supported by a wood paneled wall. On the upper floor, under the ceiling and behind this paneled wall there are the master bedroom and bathroom. The semi-buried lower level consists of utility spaces, the living room and an independent studio, both with direct access from the garden.


The pavements in multicolored slat – a typical regional stone – follow the natural slopes of the terrain. The size of the stone is bigger on the flatter surfaces and smaller and irregular on the steeper ones.


The perforated shutters let the light come in but protect the intimacy of the owners at the same time.


The floors, bathrooms and stairs are covered in light colored Capri stone, and the the inside walls are all white like the outside.


The only exception to white is made for the double height median wall, which is paneled with tinted elm wood. This structure is also used to conceal doors and kitchen cabinets.


The kitchen blocks are integrated as much as possible, leaving only the hob, the sink and the worktop open. The tinted elm wood island has a double function as a breakfast counter.


The perforated Corten steel fence that protects the property on the lower side of the plot matches the reddish shades of the pavement.


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