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Modern Architecture Defined By Nature in Morelos, Mexico

Architect Augusto Fernandez Mas of K+A Diseno had some strict guidelines when it came to the design and construction of Casa Aquino in Morelos, Mexico. This contemporary modern architecture home is located on a steep lot beside a river and bordering federal government land, which meant some specific building and environmental restrictions applied. This innovative architecture not only tolerated these rules, it thrived because of them. The topography determined the home shape, calling for retaining walls and a water drainage channel. The home bold right angles are simple and strong – an air that’s echoed throughout this luxurious design through and through. Materials like wood, metal and natural stone ease the home into the lush natural surroundings, and make their way indoors to create a wonderfully warm living environment. Modern interiors are clad in natural wood and stone, with large windows at every turn flooding every corner with sunlight. A wooden spiral staircase winds its way up – a certain centerpiece of the interior. The pride and joy of the exterior is a small, secluded stone pool tucked between the home and the perimeter wall and finished in red cedar. K+A Diseno
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