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Unusual Wall Tiles by Pelle Pietra

We instantly fell in love with these unusual wall wiles by Pelle Pietra. A collaboration between stone producer FMG Shapes, leather producer Prodital Leather and designer Raffaello Galiotto, these unusual, inspiring materials come together to offer a range of looks and styles. From supple calf leathers to rugged bull hides; from the wide-ranging natural pattern and color variations of travertine to the dark, dramatic look of onyx, the beauty of these artistic wall tiles is that you can achieve any style in the home, from traditional to contemporary, but you can bet it’ll be rich, luxurious, sophisticated. The current offering of five designs – “Piuma” (“Feather”), “Quadro” (“Painting”), “Marea” (“Tides”), “Tondo” (“Circle”) and “Orma” (“Track”) – offers a sampling of the range of looks, and if you like what you see, don’t worry – more is in the works. Each design comes in a choice of stone types, which can even be back-lit for added futuristic flair. Check out these modern 3D wall tiles by visiting Pelle Pietra.



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