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Minimalist Home with Unique Interpretation of Gabled Roof

Located on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark, MLPR Architects designed the Villa Bie to conform to planning authority guidelines in the area requiring homes to be no more then 1-1/2 levels and present a profile that included a gabled roof. MLPR’s client’s did not want a traditional gable and hoped the architects could come up with a unique interpretation that would satisfy their more minimalist design aesthetic. MLPR’s unique approach to the traditional Danish gable is fresh and exciting – and very dramatic.

The facade of the home is actually an inverted triangle with a large void cut out of the front that holds a covered deck and the glazed walls of the inner volumes. Sitting on a concrete platform that rises from the earth in a low rectangular box, the box has its own void cut out and fitted with stairs. Facing the sea, the home is able to enjoy the views both from the social zone and the private volume above.
The exterior of the building is clad in 7,000sqft of Accoya wood for there long life and stability. Accoya wood does very little expansion and contraction due to its lack of shrinkage and swelling.
The Villa Bie is an awesome example of what can be accomplished when architects receive client’s willing to go beyond the norm to explore the possibilities of what could be. This freedom of design exploration allowed MLPR Architects to create a home that is unique, angular, minimalist and extremely impressive.
MLPR Architects
Photography by Accoya


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