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Ethereal Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Ideas

Loved for its clean lines, easy appeal, added wood elements and charming aesthetics mid-century décor has come a long way since its humble beginnings. The decorating style came to fame in the 1950s and truly made a huge impact in the 60s; however, now it’s truly making a huge impact. Although contemporary and modern are two words that might not seem like they belong in a mid-century decorating guide they are actually just what you need to give a mid-century decorated room a well-deserved twist.

Mid-Century Nightstand

When figuring out which nightstand to use consider a shorter one with smaller legs for a more cohesive approach but with an intricate touch.

When it comes to adding a mid-century twist to your bedroom without taking away or transforming the room entirely, you want to begin with a nightstand. Nightstands are not only quite necessary, but they can truly make or break a room. For a mid-century twist, add a simple wooden nightstand with two or more cabinets for a functional touch.

Hints of Classic

For that classic, mid-century touch, add a fresh carpet that adds something new to the room. Not only does it make the space fresh and renewed by simply changing the rug you have in the space.

There is something quite beautiful and even whimsical about adding a classic touch to a room. The key is working with classic touches that make sense. Add a cleanly lined dresser with straight edges and natural wood to bring that traditional mid-century touch.

70s Accent Wall

A sleek jagged pattern in neutral hues will make the room feel grand without compromise your current color scheme.

Want to bring a brightening effect to your room? Add an accent wall with a slight twist- a 70s twist. Take a page directly from the 70s by adding a jagged pattern with hints of color that could very well blend in with what you already have in your home. When in doubt consider a chevron display for the ultimate 70s approach.

Chaise Lounge

Chaise chairs are great because of how comfortable they tend to be. Additionally, they can double up as another resting area.

A modern, chaise lounge chair could just one the fun element your bedroom needs. It adds a big impact while adding additional seating in the room. Many times, you want to add a chic seating to your room in order to have another space where you can sit and read a book without sinking directly into your bed to relax. Having additional seating is great when you want to have an extra area for guests who might want to sit in your room.

Keep it Sleek

When working with sleek lines you want to have a clean color palette as well. To add some character to the room consider having unique light fixtures. 

One of the main decorating rules when it comes to mid-century décor is keeping a sleek aesthetic. Your furniture items should be minimal yet be effective. You want to take a minimal approach with a little something extra of color, texture and/or pattern. The sleeker the items the more furniture pieces you can use.

Natural Materials

When working with natural elements consider wood and fresh greenery for that classic approach that beams through the room.

If your bedroom offers a large window or naturally has exposed wood or even brick you want to take full advantage of it and incorporate it seamlessly into the room. A wood paneled wall adds a rustic hint with just the right amount of warmth and texture. There is a natural texture that comes with having a wood-paneled wall and taking full advantage by having sleeker furniture.

Platform Beds

Whether your bed is a high platform or a lower one, you want to add an additional wood element to the room to bring your decor full-circle.

Platform beds might have taken a step back when it comes to décor, but they are back and bigger than ever. Furthermore, you want to use the same material that was used as part of the platform in a few other decorating pieces to bring the room full-circle. The key is having the rest of the décor feel minimal when compared to the bed.

White Hues

White is such a crisp color that flows well with whatever decor you might have. The key is seamlessly weaving pastel hues into your decor for a soft transition between the colors you use.

Always Work Mid-century décor is known for its minimal color palette, with that being said, white hues is always a good idea. For a serene touch, add white hues that engulf the room with an ethereal, charm that can be felt throughout the room. You want to ensure the white hues are bright, airy and work well with the décor you already have.

House Plants

Greenery is quite the perfect additional element to a room when you feel as if a room is missing a little something extra. Whether that be color or appeal.

We absolutely love house pants! This is mainly due to how refreshing they can be, how much color and texture they add without taking up much space in the room. The idea is to use a few plants throughout in multiple different sizes, colors, and even planters. For a unique twist change the flower pots you’re using into fun ones with patterns or even vibrant colors.

Go Glamorous

For that sleek glamour, you want to always consider having a rug. A rug can make a huge difference in any kind of room due to how easy it is to incorporate while not taking away from what you already have.

When you add a modern twist to mid-century décor you can create a glamorous environment. Add a luxurious throw blanket, abstract paintings and a rug to fully bring a glamorous touch to the room. Pair your new items with elegant furniture pieces to fully bring forth a luxe vibe to the room.

Are you fond of mid-century décor? If so, share with us your favorite decorating bits below.


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