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Slick Ways To Make The Most Out Of A Small Dining Room

Most of us have always dreamed of having a huge dining room where we can entertain guests and have holidays. However, not all of us are as lucky to have one. Do not be discouraged, small dining rooms can make excellent spaces to enjoy. Here is how you can enjoy your small dining room without compromising style or décor. Let us share with you just how to do it.

Round table with Banquette

If you really want to bring your small space to life add a colorful display within your round table and banquette area.

If all you have is a small corner in your dining room, having a round table with a banquette is a classic pairing. Not only does it take little to no additional space, but it’s an excellent versatile display. You can use it for dinner time or even as a breakfast corner for a fun yet versatile display. Think of it as a smaller way to bring your guests together.

2-3 Chairs

When in doubt, go modern. A modern display can make the room feel beautiful yet put together and intriguing to the eye.

Instead of having the traditional 4-6 chairs shrink your display in half. Doing so not only gives you more room to play with but it allows your table set up to still look and feel chic. One of the best things you can do in placing your table alongside a wall and allowing the rest of the room to feel more cohesive and charming. Furthermore, having 2-3 chairs expands the room, giving you the ability to add décor in other areas that might need it.

Bring on the Shelves

If you truly wanna make an impact to your small dining room, leave your shelves empty, or with minimal decor in them.

Why have china cabinets that take up your entire wall when you can bring on shelves? While china cabinets and even large antique pieces are beautiful pieces of art. They are extremely overbearing in a small room. Replace them with free-standing shelves to bring additional space to a room without taking away from your square footage.

Get a Bench

A simple bench could be just what your dining room needs to feel grander.

One of the best ways you can make the most out of a room is by getting a bench. A bench not only adds additional seating, but it removes the need to over clutter the room with chairs. The simple use of a bench will make the dining room feel more put together and even give it a farmhouse aesthetic while still helping you have the seating you need.

Invest in a Mirror

Instead of having one mirror invest in 3 and display them for an even bigger impact.

Mirrors are no longer only to look at yourself. They are now expanding pieces of art. What this means is they will make any room feel grander. Not just because having a mirror is a great idea, but because a mirror creates reflection, which in return will bring forth that expansive feel to the room. Think of it has a sleek, feminine way of making any room feel bigger.

Create a Booth

If you have a bigger space, bring on a larger booth to make more of an impact than you could by having a small one.

Just like minimizing the amount, of chairs you use, will make a room feel bigger, adding a booth will as well. Having a booth ensures the room feels grander and as if it isn’t missing anything. Additionally, it naturally gives you more seating for those days that you have a large number of guests but with little to no room. Add a simple table to complete the look.

Choose an accent wall

Use dark shade as your accent wall to bring the utmost contrast in the space.

Having an accent wall might not seem like the thing to do when you want to make a room feel bigger, but it could be exactly what your dining room needs. An accent wall makes any room feel grander due to providing a focal point. There is a clear focus that comes from having a wall that is completely different from the rest of the room. Pair with sleek décor for a beautiful display that makes sense to the room.

The more Lights the Better

Bring a metallic, large light fixture to make the biggest impact in your dining area without taking away from your decor.

Having dark lighting is the worst thing you can do for any small room. You want to bring as much lighting to your dining room as possible. Add a chandelier or chic light fixture to bring the room back to life. If you truly want to make an impact pair your light fixture with 2-3 other lights to brighten the rooms overall aesthetic.

Pops of Color

If you have windows as part of your dining bring in curtains to help create a seamless touch that makes the room feel colorful and bright.

When selecting your dining room décor, consider bringing in as much color as you possibly can. Pairing bold hues with décor that you already have will ensure the room comes to life even though its smaller in size. Use a color palette that is cohesive and brightening all at once. Keep the room chic by blending in your color bits with neutral bits.

Add Greenery

The more greenery the fresher the room will feel always remember that when decorating with plants.

One of the easiest ways to make a small room feel larger is by adding greenery. Greenery works because of how airy it feels to a room. Additionally, it’s an excellent way of adding color without the need to add multiple elements that take away from the décor you already. Consider having a multitude of plants to bring that signature green feel into the room.

Which of these small dining room ideas are you interested in trying? Please share with us below.


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