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Magnetic Showerhead from Moen: Attract with Magnetix

From the ‘Why didn’t we think of that?’ category – a magnetic showerhead from Moen. We think the “Attract” with Magnetix is brilliant! Seriously. How many times have you been in the shower and tried to put the showerhead back in that little spot with your eyes closed? Wouldn’t this be a whole lot easier? The Magnetix has a strong magnetic dock, making it easy to find without getting soap in your eyes. It has six spray patterns and a 3.5″ diameter spray head (like you’re at the Spa!). And a 60″ (that’s 5 ft!) hose that will not kink. Chrome finish makes for easy clean up – this is an idea whose time has come. Can you feel the pull?

Via: Today’s Homeowner


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