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M Shaped Roof Fjord House Clad in Weathered Wood

This simple wood clad house designed by Norway architects Schjelderup Trondahl Architects may boast a humble exterior, but this fjord setting is simply spectacular. And on closer inspection, there’s more to this rustic house style than meets the eye. A weathered wood facade is topped by an unusual double crested roof peeking over the steep cliff-side, cantilevered over a concrete base that anchors it to the earth. This unassuming countryside home is a relaxed retreat from the urban jungle and its daily stresses. A coastal cottage design that invites you to enter, unwind, and let nature and the sea wash over you. Enjoy!

fjord house with m shaped roof and rustic style 1 thumb 630xauto 32522 M Shaped Roof Fjord House Clad in Weathered Wood

fjord house with m shaped roof and rustic style 2 thumb 630xauto 32524 M Shaped Roof Fjord House Clad in Weathered Wood

The roof takes shape as a skewed “M,” zigzagging its way up the slope side. The house is built into the landscape, its timber top appearing to hover over the hillside. The upper volume actually sits on a solid concrete block that works its way through the landscape.


The walls, roofs and external ceilings are clad in burnt and brushed heartwood fir, which was chosen for its rustic aesthetic and maintenance-free qualities. As the timber ages and weathers it will turn a silver-gray hue, contrasting the dark burnt grains.


The deep roof overhang shelters an inset window on one side of the home, and a car parking space on the other.


Meanwhile, the waterfront face of the house features large picture windows that invite 180-degree views in.


The brick wall works its way inside. This lower level entry offers a casual spot to drop your shoes and coat before making your way up.


The open stairwell highlights the home’s height, wrapped in white oiled poplar and oak-framed windows that invite natural light and views indoors.


The kitchen is a showcase space, topped with a vaulted ceiling soaring two storeys. The ceiling drops to a typical height in the surrounding living areas. The stone island complements the home’s exterior.


The view from above…


Just above the kitchen, a massive window serves both the kitchen below and the open loft space above.


A den area features this bright blond wood on every surface. A wall-to-wall window frames the fjord.


This bathroom is a most unusual space, not for its finished but more so for its form. The unusual roof line shines in this space, where the vaunted ceiling angles upward toward a long skylight spanning the width of the room. Below it, a retro patterned tile adds flair to the neutral wood wrapped walls and ceilings.


We love the home’s prevailing cottage style and casual feel. It always feels like home – livable, lovable, and with its characteristic quirks at every turn.


Schjelderup Trondahl Architects
via Freshome



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