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Luxury Pool House Under Unique Roof

angles colour blocking pool features home expansion 1 exterior thumb 630xauto 35861 Luxury Pool House Under Unique Roof

A contemporary renovation in Singapore took an existing semi-detached house located at the end of a road and relocated the carport before introducing a new swimming pool running the full length of the home and a new roofline that wraps around the preexisting home in a contemporary silhouette of various angles that rises up into a new third storey and out to create more space per floor. This rethinking of both the footprint and the verticality created a much larger home with new and modern areas that would not otherwise have been possible – including a double volume space for the upstairs home office while still leaving room for the outdoor addition of a luxury pool.

angles colour blocking pool features home expansion 2 site thumb 630xauto 35863 Luxury Pool House Under Unique Roof

The original footprint of Jalan Binchang House was similar to the semi-detached home beside it and with the comparison of the two, it is not hard to imagine how much more living space the architects – AD Lab – where able to integrate into the renovation.


A soft grey privacy fence with a double gate that opens wide for the homeowner’s car surrounds the property.


Just inside the gate is a covered carport and on the far side of the carport is a flight of contemporary stairs that leads up to the second floor. The carport is a simple structure of two planes, one vertical and one horizontal and this minimalist approach creates a harmonious flow with the various angles used throughout the roofline.


The open riser stairs are supported on a single stringer and a balustrade that runs continuously from the treads to the roofline. Below the stairs a bridge path travels over the pool to arrive at the new front door.


The main level of the home has been covered with window glazings that open up to the poolside terrace.


Just inside the glazings is the renovated social zone. The complete volume has marble floors, even the stairs that lead down to the living area, but while these stairs continue the flow of marble they also add in the modern touch of colour blocking via their asymmetrical black sections. The colour blocking on the stairs plays beautifully off of the framework used for the glazings. The colour blocking has not been reserved to the steps as it is also strategically used in the oversized sectional and even the coffee table. Love the addition of the colour pops.


Above the sunken living room is both the dining room and the kitchen. The dining room continues the theme of black colour blocking within the furnishings while the kitchen continues the theme of marble on its waterfall island. The cabinetry in the kitchen is a walnut, which ties in with the staircase that leads up to the second volume.


The location of the dining room is further defined by the used of a pale grey that covers the wall and travels up and over the ceiling as though it where a hardscaped area rug above. This is the first area that is seen when entering the home through the entry doors.


The second floor leaves the marble flooring behind for a quieter wood planking in a walnut shade. The hallway is designed to be a mezzanine with tempered glass railings overlooking the social zone below. While there is no colour blocking used in this location to add the drama, a fun mobile hangs between in the void creating drama through shape rather then colour.


An open area off of the mezzanine incorporates a built-in TV console that incorporates some of the angular planes already seen in the rooflines. A colour blocked black element above the TV creates a 3D graphic that continues the angular moments, creating a geometrically fluid space that is both exciting and dramatic.


The upstairs office takes advantage of the highest point of the new roof with its double volume space. To incorporate storage for the offices books the architects designed a creative shelving system that merges with wall graphics while also layering in wood boxes of varying depths for additional storage. The overall effect is pretty awesome.


Below the new roofline is a games room and here the flooring has again changed. This time the material of choice is carpet and continuing both the colour blocking and the angular moments , 3 different hues of the same carpeting have been installed in a nonconforming pattern that uses angles to create the connections. Stunning.


The Master Suite is also located upstairs and in the ensuite marble is reintroduced via the vanity. The floating vanity is suspended off of a wood pony wall located just in front of a large walk in shower. The shower is flooded with natural light from the rear wall that is fitted with rows upon rows of small glass windows that have the effect of glass tiles with large grout lines.


The deck off of the bedroom showcases the shower window wall and from the exterior view it has a lace like quality to it – another beautiful detail by the architects.


AD Lab
Photography by Edward Hendricks, CI & A Photography



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