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Modern Waterfront Retreat on Rocky Cliffside Beach, Innovative Staggered Design

This stunning beach house, designed and owned by architect Clinton Murray, clearly expresses a labor of love. Having overcome the harsh landscape of Gunyah beach in Bundeena, New South Wales, this modern waterfront retreat nestles warm luxuries into the rocky cliffs and puts the house within splashing-distance of the shoreline. The view from afar reveals an oxidized copper roof which blends beautifully into the lushly green background. Beneath the roof is the concrete base – finished to resemble weathered wood planks – and the home’s upper level which, in contrast to the cool main floor, consist of warm, earthy layers enveloping the sleeping quarters. To make a truly grand entrance, guests follow a bridge to the front door, which opens to reveal a large and airy gallery-style space complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and magnificent views in every direction. As you descend through the home’s levels, you’ll pass through the main living areas and eventually find yourself with your toes in the sand and water lapping at your ankles. The home’s innovative stepped design not only creates a wonderful effect and use of interior space, but also minimizes the home’s visual impact from the water. Clinton Murray
via Modern Residential Designs
Photo credit: Simon Kenny



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