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Low Energy House Designs – Stylish Sustainability in Scotland

This stunning low energy house design by Simon Winstanley Architects has high eco appeal. Overlooking the Solway Firth in south-west Scotland, this slope house plan is built on a former quarry, mirroring the stone that characterizes the area and surrounded by a blanket of green unrolling at its feet. The stone home design is topped by a wood and glass enclosure that offers unending views of the surrounding countryside and the sea, lightening up the heavy stone architecture. This glass wall house area is built using a steel frame with cedar panels and triple-glazed windows, and is topped by an overhanging roof framing the outdoor entertaining areas. This eco sustainable home is “green” in more ways that one – apart from its views, the sustainable house boasts recycled and Earth-friendly materials and technologies throughout, including: the masonry base is finished using recycled quarry stone; high-insulation exterior walls, floor and roof; triple-glazed thermal windows; heat pump for sub-floor heating and hot water system with a closed combustion wood burning stove for back-up heating; roof-mounted Photovoltaic panels; whole-house heat recovery ventilation system. Visit Simon Winstanley Architects to learn more about this low energy design.



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