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All-in-one Sauna – Logica and Master Sauna lines from Effegibi

Enjoy the invigorating benefits of the Logica and Master all-in-one sauna lines from Effegibi in your home for the ultimate in relaxation. Saunas have been used to benefit health since ancient times. These saunas combine the soothing dry heat with the refreshing cold shower within the same unit for all-in-one organisation. In fact, these saunas also incorporate chromotherapy (color therapy) and music therapy through their LED RGB lighting, and the CD player is compatible with MP3 and boasts a BOSE sound system! Attention to detail is apparent in the clever headrests, backrests, shelves, benches and towel racks conveniently located to make your experience all the more enjoyable. The Logica sauna is constructed of Canadian hemlock, abachi tempered glass and glazed stainless steel finishings. The Master Line saunas have leather finishing, or a Master Line Stell is available with all trimmings in brushed steel. Whatever your style preference, make your sauna a comfortable and elegant addition to your home by choosing Effegibi.
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