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Leaves Inspired Plywood Chair Biloba by Stouby

leaves inspired plywood chair biloba by stouby 1 thumb 630x630 25163 Leaves Inspired Plywood Chair Biloba by Stouby

This chair design was inspired by the leaves from the Ginkgo Biloba tree – and thus the name. A very unique species of tree, it is highly revered and thought to have originated some 270 million years ago. So you can see how it would inspire a chair! The plywood Biloba chair by Stouby is available in oak (natural or stained), walnut and makassar (a flowering tree from Indonesia) and is a pure delight. Two leaves connect to form the back of the chair, in perfect Ying/Yang harmony. And you can choose from two different species of wood to highlight the connection even more so. With legs in aluminum, the fabric provides a choice of color – or you can also choose a leather upholstering. The Biloba is such a flexible style, it could work in your office, your dining room – or your kitchen. It would even be a great chair for an upscale, modern cafe. In fact, it’s a very upscale, modern design – born from ancient roots.

leaves inspired plywood chair biloba by stouby 2 thumb 630x471 25165 Leaves Inspired Plywood Chair Biloba by Stouby

Two leaves meet in perfect Ying/Yang partnership, to make a strong collaboration.


Choose from multiple color combinations!


Different woods, different stains, different fabrics (even leather) make this chair personal.


More information: Stouby



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